Case Study- Why online dispensaries work

Case Study- Why online dispensaries work

I’ll be honest, when I first started marketing for LitRX I was not as informed about the Cannabis industry as I felt that I should be.  Since then I have learned so much about the effects of the different strains and how that not only have recreational effects, but that have real medical benefits.

As a former military member, I can say that I struggle with chronic pain on a daily basis; as well as depression and PTSD symptoms.  Until recently I was a frim believer in “Big Pharma” prescription drugs as that was just what you were used to in the military.  I did not even think about the benefits of Cannabis until last month.

I work with first responders, police, and military members from all over the country, and what I have recently done is asked them about the amount of prescription drugs that they are taking per day?  Out of the 100 people that I spoke to on average each individual took 4 pills per day for either chronic pain or mental health issues.  That’s a lot of pills and I started to look at what is truly important for everyone and that is quality of life.

What was the quality of life for these people like?  Were they exercising?  What was their diet like?  Were they angry or depressed.  Well the first place that I always start is with myself.  What were the stressors in my life, and was I truly living a good work/life balance?

Now I live with four women so diet is not a problem.  I have more vegetables and fruit in my house than any man should ever really see in his fridge.  Then I looked at what other stressors were affecting my life. Lack of good sleep was a major one and is a problem for most of us in Society today.  We are all “so busy” and our electronic devices keep us wired in almost 24 and 7.

I knew through research that getting a great sleep is the key to weight loss, improved production at work, and an improved happiness with life.

I made the decision to try some edibles as I am not a smoker.  The problem that I had was that I was embarrassed to go to a dispensary as I did not want to be associated with the unfounded stigma of cannabis users all being “pot heads” and unproductive. So I decided it was time to see what the LitRX ordering process was like.

The process was totally seamless.  Ordering was easy, and convenient.  I used an alias so that the LitRX staff did not know who I was.  The products came within three days and were extremely well packaged. Plain packaging and very well insulated inside.  There was no odor at all  and  I could feel the high level of care that was taking with the packaging.

I took one gummy two hours before bed and then went to bed as I normally do.  I was worried about what effects I might have in the morning, but I woke up totally rested and feeling great.  I took one bear a night for 7 days (I know I’m a lightweight) and by day 7 I had regained the desire to workout.  I also found that I was not constantly worried about work and making sales, but rather wanting to take up a hobby of playing bass guitar, so that I could find a better balance in life.

It has been a month and a half now I I only take the gummies when I am feeling aggravated or stressed.  I have lost weight, closed an incredible amount of business, and feel better about my relationship with my family.

Now I am not saying that the gummies are a complete wonder drug, but I will say with confidence that taking that one gummy at night has made a positive impact on my life as they are giving me the opportunity to get a better sleep.

I am having less pain issues from my injuries, but I am pleasantly having growing pains from working out again.  I feel more energized and making way better decisions with my business.

Life has become fun again, and most importantly I am not dealing with the “hangover” that the pills would give me.  I hated being foggy in the morning for no other reason than that I took my prescription.

I’m exercising and shrinking out of my clothes very quickly.  I tell my clients with chronic pain and mental health issues about my experience with the edibles and they can’t believe how good I look, and how social I am.

Overall a very positive experience, and I found the dosage information on the LitRX to be extremely accurate.  I’m happy with my experience, and would definitely recommend the online purchasing experience to anyone who is looking for a discreet way to try cannabis products.

By Carl G.

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