Vaping versus Tylenol #3 for Chronic Pain Relief

Vaping versus Tylenol #3 for Chronic Pain Relief

As a marketer I am always looking to expand my knowledge of technologies and services that bring benefit to my clients.  As a person I am dealing with a back fusion at four levels with titanium rods, screws, and disc replacements.  Needless to say, that I have some chronic pain issues.

The Big Pharma Solution

After I had the fusion in 2002 I was given anti-inflammatory medications which did a serious number on my stomach and caused rapid weight gain.  I was also given tablet morphine and Tylenol 3’s by the fistful.   I lived in Edmonton at the time and the cold winters meant that I was taking more and more medication to deal with the increased pain from degenerative disc disease, and severe arthritis.

On a daily basis I was popping between 6-8 Tylenol 3’s per day, just to function at work because of the pain.  I was totally concerned about what all these pills were doing to my body, and the fact that I was gaining weight; which leads to more pain and pressure in my back. There had to be a better way to control the pain and make it manageable.

The Solution

I moved to Vancouver Island for the warmer climate and easy winters.  I also started talking with trainers about how best to manage my back pain, so that it was not consuming my life.

I ended up doing a seaweed herbal cleanse for my liver.  This was to purge the Tylenol 3 toxins and let everything regenerate.  The cleanse was hard, and long, but successful.  I felt better, and wanted to start working out again.

I realized that I would never be a runner again, but there were exercises that I could do to keep myself in shape. I discovered Pilates after reading an article that one of my favorite actors (Mark Harmon) practiced Pilates to keep himself in shape after some serious football injuries that he sustained. Well if it is good enough for Gibbs, then it was good enough for me, so I started practicing.

It was not pretty at all, and I have a new-found respect for anyone who practices Pilates.  These are hard exercises and I give totally respect to those who teach these classes.

I changed my diet and kept exercising, but I still had a dependency on the T 3’s to manage my pain.  I took less pills, but still took the pills.  Then I got hired by LitRX to do some marketing for them.

Now I am a complete novice regarding Cannabis use recreationally, let alone for pain relief. I decided to enroll myself in Cannabis University so that I understood the products that LitRX sells.  What I learned was a ton of medicinal uses for Cannabis to assist with everything from depression to chronic pain.

Once I felt that I was educated enough to understand what strains would work for me, I decided to order some edibles and some vape pens.  I can’t smoke cannabis as I am allergic to the carcinogens that are release from burning cannabis, but vaping seemed to be a safe alternative.

What I have found is that over the past two months is that I am losing weight, I sleep better and wake totally refreshed.  My theory on the better sleep is that the vaping is providing me with the ability to fall asleep relaxed and not worried about being in pain.  Those with back injuries know that sleep does not always come easy to us, and the pain can cause us not to enter REM sleep.  We know that REM sleep is when the body repairs itself, and the brain stores memories, skills, and recovers from the rigors of the day.

I wake up without an alarm.  I feel refreshed and can exercise without worrying about being in total pain. I have also noticed that my digestion is better, and over all I feel extremely calm and relaxed.

I have taken on several new clients and have been able to completely focus on solving their problems without feeling overworked or overwhelmed.  I’m only taking a few puffs at night, but I can honestly say that I am finding it extremely easy now to find a real work / life balance now that I don’t have so much pain.  I have not taken 1 Tylenol 3 in the past two months and I am down around 12 pounds without having to make drastic changes to my diet.

I feel better, people tell me that I look great, and my business is booming! I am not saying Cannabis is the cure-all for everyone, but in my case, it has provided me with the ability to enjoy my life at home, enjoy my life at work, and enjoy my life with reduced pain. The pain lead to stress, which led to anger, which led to lack of focus.  Now I am focussed on building my business, exercise to my extent, and enjoy a better life balance.  All it took was knowledge and that is why I enjoy working for LitRX because they care about their clients, and constantly strive for that balance.

If you are reading this, and want to achieve a better balance, contact the folks at LitRX, you will be glad that you did.  I know that I am, and so is my doctor.  She not pleased about my use of Cannabis, but she is pleased at my weight loss, stress reduction, and greatly reduced blood pressure!  In my case the means justify the ends.  I don’t want to get “high” what I wanted was to take control of my life by managing my pain.