Why Mail Order Marijuana Makes Sense

Why Mail Order Marijuana Makes Sense

We all know that we are living in a very progressive time, but as progressive as it is, there are still stigmas. For all the medicinal and recreational benefits of Marijuana a vast majority of the population still associates the use of it to “stoners” and under achievers.

This stigma is why so many people refrain from visiting a brick and mortar dispensary. They maybe prominent figures in the community, or simply people who would rather not be judged or labelled. It is sad really that for every two steps we take forward to be an open and progressive society, we still manage to take one step back with social stigmas.

That is why there is such a growing trend for mail order marijuana. It can be regulated by age, obtained legally, and without the worry of being seen coming out of a dispensary with a bag in your hand. That is one of the primary reason why many veteran’s who use marijuana to treat: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, all use a mail order system to obtain their product.

Veteran’s do not want to be labelled or judged as being weak because they have health issues that marijuana provides relief for. For some veteran’s it is hard enough just to gather the courage to ask for help, let a lone face more labelling by a society that can be extremely judgmental when it wants to be.
That is why leveraging a mail order system simply works. Let’s examine some of the benefits of using a mail order marijuana system:

1. Discretion- Your order is sent discreetly to your door in an unmarked package. The same as if you were ordering clothes or iPod accessories from Amazon. Users can avoid the stigma that still surrounds the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana. The packages are vacuum-sealed to prevent any possible odours escaping. Individuals who want to keep their habits private will find this method a way better alternative that shopping at a dispensary.

2. Greater selection- When a user engages in an online mailing services they have the ability to choose from a greater selection that what is just carried in a corner store dispensary. That means that users can leverage “top shelf” strains of marijuana from different Provinces rather that being restricted to sometimes local underachieving strains. Customers can easily order products sourced from the top cannabis produces in BC even if they live on the East Coast. This means that someone living in Halifax can easily order the best in: sativas, hybrids, indicas, CBDs , concentrates and topicals sent directly to their homes.

3. Convenience- Who amongst us has not enjoyed the benefits to shopping on Amazon and ebay while in their pajamas? We all have, because we can shop when we want, and without leaving the comfort of our own homes.

4. Secure Online Payment Options- Online payment methods provide users with the highest standards of fraud control and security. Delivery times are generally 1-3 days, so consumers will not wait long for an order. This means that customers in rural areas who do not have easy access to a dispensary can easily and efficiently get their weed sent directly to their home.

In short, consumers have been moving toward online shopping for everyday products for years now, and that can be clearly illustrated by the closing of several big box giants over the past six months. Consumers wants cheaper prices, better selection, and the convenience of being able to shop at whatever hour that they choose. Why should buying cannabis be any different?