Maximize your Movie Experience with the right Strain

Maximize your Movie Experience with the right Strain

Maximizing our downtime is extremely important in today’s fast paced society.  We get asked many questions about what is the best strain to pair with a movie? Now weather you are settling in for some laughs with your favorite comedy, or getting ready to get the pants scared off you by a horror movie, the best strain that you pair with your movie can make or break the entire experience.

Much like pairing a wine with your meal, the right cannabis strain can highlight the subtle messages and “Easter eggs”; while the wrong strain can ruin the movie experience by making the subtle nuances horribly distracting.

Here are our 7 top picks for our favorite strains for getting the best experience while watching movies.

1.   Alice in Wonderland

Strain Type: Sativa

Best Movies For: Visual documentaries, heady dramas

Alice in Wonderland is a mostly sativa strain with euphoric cerebral effects. It provides end-users with an elevated sensory experience, making it a favorite strain for creative pastimes, outdoor activities, a laid-back weekend, or daytime stress relief. Alice in Wonderland opens up the mind and relaxes the body. It’s the best match for nature-filled documentaries and heady dramas that require focus with a soft, innovative edge.

2.  Lemon Larry Lavender

Strain Type: Hybrid

Best Movies For: Comedies, creative indie films

The stunningly flavorful cross of Larry OG and Lavender offers sweet citrus aromas overlaid by velvety floral terpenes. The strain boasts a loose sedative effects and an elevated state-of-mind due to a hefty dose of limonene, Lemon Larry Lavender is the perfect pairing with a night of comedy or buzzy indie films.

3.  OG LA Affie

Strain Type: Indica

Best For: Paranormal horror

OG LA Affie from DNA Genetics is a pure Indica variety best known for parenting the famed LA Confidential. The aroma is a subtle blend of earthy and sweet, offering and an  unusually energetic and psychedelic buzz that holds up against scary movies and horror films. Get the posse together, load up a bowl, get under the covers and enjoy this bold Indica.

4.  Chucky’s Bride

Strain Type: Hybrid

Best For: Educational documentaries

This sativa-dominant hybrid gives off an exotic mixture of sharp flavors. Cinderella 99’s tropical aroma of sweet citrus and pineapple blend with the pungent notes of skunky cheese make Chucky’s bride a very acquired taste. The unique terpene profile leads a charge of uplifting and creative effects that stimulate the mind with an imaginative punch that’s excellent for educational documentaries. Download something new, invite over your favorite people, and discuss what you learned over a joint or two.


Strain Type: Hybrid

Best For: Feel-good movies, creative indie films

Wookie is a tantalizing cross of Lavender and Appalachia supposedly grown by the renowned seed bank Bodhi Seeds. This odoriferous combination blends an intensely floral aroma with sour terpenes, creating a unique fragrance that is sure to fill the room. Lavender’s happy, relaxed effects press firmly up against Appalachia’s dreamy, cerebral effects, making Wookie a whimsical escape from stress and the best choice for a night in front the TV with an original indie film on hand. This tasty strain will make you think outside the box while watching something bright and new.

6.Laughing Buddha

Strain Type: Sativa

Best For: Light comedies

Laughing Buddha is an award-winning sativa (2003 High Times Cannabis Cup) from Barney’s Farm that grows fast and tall. An earthy cross between Thai and Jamaican strains with a sweet, fruity smell that is broken up by hints of spice and provides a rich smoke that will leave consumers feeling happyupbeat, and giggling. These effects make it a wonderful strain to fill up a joint and press play on a fun comedy or easy, light-hearted TV shows.

7.Big Bull

Strain Type: Indica

Best For: Unique dramas

Winning 2nd Place for Best Indica Seed at the 2012 Treat Yourself Expo in Toronto, Canada, Big Bull (aka Kannabia Special) grows stalky plants with a tantalizing floral aroma. This nearly pure indica offers relaxing effects that are introspective and meditative, which translates to excellent dramas that are both unique and heavy.